We are changing to better meet your needs

As you may know, we have been doing a lot of work behind the scenes to develop a service offering that will allow us to better meet the growing and changing needs of our clients. These changes include my decision to move away from directly providing financial planning advice, leaving this in the very capable hands of our new and highly experienced financial adviser, Tony Bates. I will now be focussing on the more complex tax and business advisory matters for our clients.

Business Advisory Services
Globalisation, more aggressive competition and changing customer expectations mean that now business owners are recognising the need to look at the way they do business. This could mean considering acquisitions, mergers, changes to the business structure or even expanding the business overseas.

When considering these types of changes it is very important to also consider the impacts they may have on your tax and accounting functions. ADX can talk to you about the implications these changes could have to your tax obligations. We also have a network of specialists, including lawyers, business valuers and advisers who we work closely with to ensure you make informed business decisions.

Understanding Superannuation
The recent changes to superannuation legislation have also shed light on the need for more specialised advice and services to ensure our clients are aware of the tax-related opportunities and obligations relating to their superannuation. We have dedicated resources ready to assist you with all aspects of your superannuation, whether you use a retail super fund or run your own self-managed fund. 

We are also in the unique position of being able to advise you on the most tax effective way to structure your borrowing, for either your personal or business purposes. Our in-house brokers have the advantage of working closely with your accountant to not only get you the best possible loan facility but also make getting it as easy as possible.

Financial Planning
With the creation of ADX Wealth, we can now offer our clients a dedicated financial adviser. I will be working closely with Tony Bates so that your financial planning opportunities are considered in conjunction with all of your existing personal and business structures, to ensure you achieve the best possible tax position.

ADX Accountants has been structured to support you
I want ADX to be your first and last stop for all your personal and business services and strategic advice. Our goal is to partner with our clients for the long term and to work with you to ensure you achieve all your goals. 

We want to know you and your financial affairs so well that we know what you will need before you ask for it. By keeping us abreast of what is happening in your life we can quickly identify ways of assisting you through our expanding range of services and professional advisers.

I look forward to talking to you more about how we can work together.

Feng Liang
ADX Accountants